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Oh Damn!

Damn thats better than the Pivot animations on youtube. I mean, a HELL lot better. Despite the grammar, it was really awesome how smoothly it moved, the sounds, and the speed. Perfect. All my ten belong to here.

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Yup, we got another asshole.

This isn't something that people should laugh and make fun about.
Its not funny, its offending. Its not amusing, its ridiculous. Sure, some people may do it for attention, but c'mon, thats a very few people your talking about, not every "emos" do self harm. Honestly, either your heartless, or your just another retard who's self-centered.

To all others, this is NOT somthing to laugh at! it needs to be fixed! if someone's depressed, don't just stand there and ridicule them. Help them for god sakes. I see guys/kids treating the depressed fella like as if he's from another planet! And if you can't take this advice, then your no different from the guy who made this game.

This game isn't not funny at all. Not one bit amused. But i guess i should give you a zero for trying to be funny, honestly, i think it should be in the negatives.

Good game.

Woah, thats an awesome game! It's funny in its own unique way, very violent, and definitely have to use your head. Very nice, you deserve a 10/10

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It's not bad

Although, personally, I thought the sound in the begging and around 13 seconds afterwards were tad bit annoying. Maybe shortening it or keeping melody a bit spaced out would improve it, but other than that, good job! Keep it up!

Your Compositions... Truly Amazing

I really enjoy the music and songs you write, and I've been listening to your pieces for quite some time. I believe this is the most touching and beautiful piece you've written so far, a masterpiece of your own. This music not only brings out the story of your close friend, but also brings out the stories of the one listening to it, that's what makes this song beautiful and truly touching. I will continue listen to your music, and thank you for posting all these wonderful pieces. -Sunai

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